Discover the 11 Principles of Success

How do you take a business book interweaved in a compelling story, and trim it down to a consumable, flexible format for the digital world? The challenge is to write a narrative that summarizes the book, and frame the story into portions that can be communicated visually.

After reading through Deep’s book, I pulled key information that supported each of the 11 Principles he writes about. Using this information, I structured in the pain point to introduce the reader to the core problem and used quotes from the book to compose the content into a rhythm of consumable segments. Dividing the 11 Principles into three groups, allowed the illustrations to have depth and refocused the list of principles into a story that a reader can grasp quickly, as they learn more about the principles in the book.

Result: After sharing this infographic on a newsletter, over 200+ books were purchased.

Chris Brock