(RaaS) Recruiting as a Service

RaaS is a model that saves companies money during recruiting new talent, but the traditional more expensive model is more widely known. Addressing the issue immediately, the infographic asks the reader a question, then speaks to the pain point and how RaaS can help.

The graphic then compares the two staffing models, balancing out the narrative by asking the reader closing questions. The illustrations are drawn in sync with the rhythm of the narrative, allowing the reader to quickly consume the comparisons and link the top and bottom portions with a visual that shows the disconnection of traditional methods to the connection RaaS provides.

To visually balance the graphic and illustrate the solution to the problem of traditional staffing agencies, I used Switch's existing color scheme, drew loose and clean illustrations and made the comparison table the focal point of the graphic. The infographic is flexible, and is formatted to be easily shared on social media and online platforms. Client: Switch Digital Search

Chris Brock