3 Reasons I Tell My SMB Clients to Use Squarespace


Squarespace is user-friendly, responsive, and integrated.

Squarespace is loaded with value, from affordable pricing to an amazing support team. I use Squarespace for my business, and as a designer I tell all of my clients who are looking to build a new website or move from their current hosting platform, that Squarespace is the place to go for many reasons, but here are 3 big ones.

1. Squarespace is User-Friendly

If you need to update your website's blog, events or photo galleries on a regular basis, Squarespace makes it super easy. No coding or file management is required. It takes a single click to create a new post, or to delete an old posting. Adding multimedia elements such as videos, audio, animations or photography is as simple as clicking import and finding the file on your computer. Linking your one or dozen social media accounts takes about a hot-minute and viewing your analytics allows you to see what pages on your site are crushing it, and which ones need TLC.

2. Squarespace is Responsive

From the days of coding small business websites from scratch, problems occurred when viewing the website on a phone, tablet or different browser. Thankfully for the sanity of both designer and client, this is no more! By starting with a template in Squarespace, you're assured to have a website that is going to function and be visually engaging on all devices and screens. Plus, when the internet or a browser performs one of those updates that becomes an apocalypse that wrecks websites...Squarespace seems to be on the ball and has the looming choas under control before you even know a doomsday update is coming.

3. Squarespace is Integrated as an All In One Package, it's Really Sweet.

Websites built from scratch or on Wordpress require domains linked, hosting plans, plugins and widgets. These 3rd party apps can be used to build contact forms, social media feeds, image galleries or other common website features. The problem is, most websites become a Frankenstein monster where you have multiple 3rd party apps running, all from different developers. So when a problem occurs on your website, you have to figure out which of the 3rd party apps is to blame and spend time back-tracking and figuring out if you can patch the problem or if you have to find a new widget to plugin.

The good news with Squarespace is all of these needed widgets are already built in. No installation required, simply click, drag and drop and you have a widget supported by Squarespace working on your site. So in the rare occurrence of a problem, you know you don't have to track down where the problem is. No hunting or digging. If there's a problem, it would be on Squarespace's end and most likely they are already in the process of fixing it for you.

Chris Brock