Website Development

Website Development


Your Squarespace Website Developed.

To get your Squarespace website operating online, first we need to set-up the architecture of the site and connect all the needed elements correctly before we start designing pages.

Once your Squarespace Website Development is complete, you can login and create the website design yourself, or hire my website design services to create the Sales and Info pages you need.

Your Website Development includes:

  • Creating 1 website framework on Squarespace.

  • Connecting and adding admins and contributors.

  • Developing the responsive architecture of the site.

  • Adding site-wide navigation, SEO and page descriptions.

  • Setting-up your contact form page, blog template, shop, privacy policy and terms of conditions.

  • Connecting your domain, analytics, social media accounts, email marketing list and third-party apps.

  • Customizing a Squarespace template with web-friendly fonts, generic text, placeholder images and color schemes.

Simple & Efficient Project Management:

  • Website Development projects are scheduled in advanced and include a first draft and 1-round of revisions.

  • Chris will start on Tuesday and send you the first draft on Friday.

  • You will send feedback to Chris on the following Tuesday.

  • Chris will send you the final, updated framework of your website on Friday.

Cancellations and Refunds 

  • All sales are final and there are no refunds for cancellations for any reason.

  • 100% money back guarantee if Chris delivers late on the agreed deadline.

Your Website Development does not include:

  • Squarespace hosting fees, domain hosting fees or email marketing fees.

Next Steps

  • After purchasing your Website Development, Chris will send you a Google Doc to complete, detailing out information needed before work begins.

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