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Listen Up Designers!

Your business depends on quality clients who pay you on-time, request minimal revisions and return for your services. If your clients are draining your energy, money and time – then read Designer Aloha.

With over a decade of experience as a freelance creative, Chris’s book “Designer Aloha: How Graphic Designers Can Hire, Help and Fire Clients” is an ebook to help rookie designers and freelance creatives understand how to:

• Interview clients.
• Improve their presentation delivery.
• Learn how to kindly distance their business from toxic relationships.

In Designer Aloha, Chris shares his client communication system he has been refining for over a decade.

Being a self-employed and freelance graphic designer since 2005, Chris has laid out a short, simple system which is based on providing quality work, over-delivering, and practicing epic customer service. 

Chris wrote this functional handbook to help you and fellow graphic designers strengthen their relationships with customers.

From hiring a client, to helping them, and to firing them when relationships go sour – Chris provides a strategy for you to use to improve your client's experience and save you headaches.

Implementing the easy actions in Designer Aloha, will help you:

• Become a leader in the eyes of your clients.
• Reduce revisions.
• Increase referrals.
• Improve your presentations.
• Strengthen your relationships with customers.

Chris M Brock is a brilliant graphic designer. Mr. Brock dispenses years of wisdom and critical insights from his experience designing ads, logos and infographics in Designer Aloha. His experience with writing and communicating help him break down how graphic designers can improve their craft, grow their business, and help their clients shine.
— K. Alexander Ashe | Developer of SpendCast

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