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AutoCAD Drafting

Illustrating your ideas and solutions into accurate drawings will provide you a presentation deliverable to start implementing your project. Drafted AutoCAD drawings include:

  • Planning Schematics & Site Plans

  • Assembly & Technical Drawings

  • Detailed Section & Exploded Drawings

  • Reference Drawings & Illustrated Specs

With an AutoCAD drawing, you have the flexibility of easily revising elements as your project progresses, while maintaining a high-level of accuracy, clarity and precision.

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Trusted by Professionals, Investors & Owners


Chris completed another excellent assignment for us. Exceptional drafter that can complete work on time and with thorough communication.

Chris Yeagle / Commercial Real Estate Broker


Chris delivered a great design, complete with shopping list, and easy to follow instructions to execute the design. Great work, very professional and talented.

Tim McDonald / PhD & Property Owner


Chris is easy to work with, a great communicator and best of all delivers high quality work. He is highly recommended and we’ve enjoyed working with him!

Loni Pryor / Development Marketing


Design & Plan Your Project

All ideas begin on paper. If the solution doesn’t work on a blueprint, it’s not going to work in real life. With AutoCAD you can focus your idea into a realistic plan that can be implemented in phases and easily updated when needed. Your drafted drawings will present a well-thought out plan - acting as a guide providing clarity on how to solve a problem or how to start the next steps in progressing your idea forward.

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AutoCAD Drafting Packages

Purchase the package you need to present and progress your project forward.


Professionally Drafted Drawings

Your AutoCAD drawing will be drafted with accurate dimensions and formatted to be printed at an architectural or engineering scale. From large 2D site plans to micro construction details, your project will be drafted in a single or series of sheets allowing you to present your professional drawings in a user-friendly format.

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Trusted by Professionals & Owners


I am pleased to provide a recommendation for Chris Brock. I have worked with Chris over the last couple of years on a variety of design projects. He has the ability to process new ideas and concepts quickly and then produce very good final work with minimal direction needed.

Matt Corrion / Landscape Architect


Chris was exactly what we were looking for on this project: Professional, extremely talented and one step ahead of use when thinking creatively and suggesting ways to improve upon our concepts. We look forward to working with him again.

Waldo Bradley / VP & Investor


Chris exceeded my expectations of capturing the essence of my vision for the property. In addition to architectural drawings he created videos to walk me through his work, this was a nice touch. He is rare find - the whole experience was amazing.

Randy Templeton / PA-C & Property Owner

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Free Consultation!

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