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Billing & Payments

All projects are billed via a fixed-rate and 100% of project payments must be paid before work is scheduled or begins.

All payments are submitted through this website and can be made securely with a credit/debit card via Stripe or through PayPal.

All sales are final and there are no refunds for cancellations for any reason. 100% money back guarantee if Chris delivers late on the agreed deadline.

Scheduling & Revisions

All project proposals include developing a strategy before work begins, illustrating a first draft, and 1-round of revisions to reach the final design.

Projects are planned in advance and follow this 3-step schedule:

  1. Chris will start on Tuesday and send you the first draft on Friday.

  2. You will send feedback to Chris on the following Tuesday.

  3. Chris will send you the revised and final design files on Friday.

All projects are developed and designed in professional, licensed design software and archived in a private Google Drive folder.

  • Websites are built in Squarespace.

  • Graphics are built in Adobe & Autodesk programs.

  • Presentations and templates are built in PowerPoint.

  • Video presentations are hosted on Vimeo.

  • Project files are managed in Google apps.

  • Photographs are sourced from Adobe Stock.


Please note, my website design and development fees do not include Squarespace annual hosting, domain fees or email marketing fees.

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