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A Guide to Squarespace Website Development

Developing your website in Squarespace is a systematic process that allows you to have a responsive framework finished before designing sales and information pages.

Your Squarespace website will be developed in 3 days of your money back!*


The 7 Steps to Developing Your Squarespace Website.

All Website Development projects include developing a strategy before work begins, forming a first draft, and 1-round of revisions to reach the final website framework.

Projects are planned in advance and follow a simple schedule:

  1. Chris will start on Tuesday and send you the first draft on Friday.

  2. You will send feedback to Chris on the following Tuesday.

  3. Chris will send you the revised and final design files on Friday.

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Step 1

Purchase Your Website Development

To start the development process, please purchase your Squarespace Website Development for $750.

To get your Squarespace website operating online, first Chris needs to organize the architecture of your site, and connect all the needed elements correctly before designing website pages.

Once your Squarespace Website Development is complete, you can login and create the website design yourself, or hire Chris’s website design services to create the Sales and Info pages you need.

Your Website Development includes:

  • Creating 1 website framework on Squarespace.

  • Connecting admins and contributors.

  • Developing the responsive architecture of the site.

  • Adding site-wide navigation, SEO and page descriptions.

  • Setting-up your contact form page, blog template, shop, privacy policy and terms of conditions.

  • Connecting your domain, analytics, social media, email marketing list and third-party apps.

  • Customizing a template with web-friendly fonts, generic text, placeholder images and your companies branding guidelines.


Step 2

Complete the Website Development Info Doc

Once you’ve paid, Chris will provide you a 3-page Google/Word Doc, which will walk you through the information needed before starting your website development. In this short document, you’ll be able to provide Chris all of your third-party app connections, domain, email marketing, SEO and goals for your website.

After your info document is completed, your website development work will be scheduled.



Step 3

Building Your Website Architecture & Framework

Over the course of 3 days, Chris will complete all of the architecture and technical set-up of your new Squarespace website. A daily breakdown of the development work is listed below.


  • Kickoff call to set-up website hosting.

  • Modify website template.

  • Set site-wide password for construction.

  • Connect domain to site.

  • Link social media accounts.

  • Install 3rd-party apps.

  • Connect analytics.

  • Link newsletter list.

  • Connect accepted payment methods.


  • Create architecture of the site.

  • Add navigation to header and footer.

  • Add logo and favicon.

  • Add placeholder text & blank graphics.

  • Create contact page with live form.

  • Make terms and privacy pages.

  • Set-up shop page and product template.

  • Format blog template and page.


  • Properly name each page and link.

  • Create URLs & SEO for each page.

  • Modify layout, font and color settings.

  • Align mobile site with desktop site.

  • Check responsiveness of site on devices.

  • Add any additional members to site.


Step 4

First Draft

On Friday, Chris will send you a video presentation walking you through the first draft of your website framework showing you how the site will function across devices.

Your website will be password protected allowing you to securely test your website, as well as share it with others for their feedback.

Step 5


Over Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday you’ll have a chance to review the first draft of your Squarespace website.

Before your project begins, you will have time scheduled to talk on Tuesday with Chris about your first draft. Chris will be available during that time to answer any questions before finishing the development.

Step 6


On Wednesday and Thursday, Chris will implement your feedback on your website development and complete the one-round of revisions.



Step 7


On Friday, Chris will send you a second video presentation – walking you through the final development of your Squarespace website. At this point the skeleton of your website is complete, and it’s ready to be designed with Sales and Info Pages.

You can hire Chris to complete the website design, or you can complete the design yourself.

* All sales are final. Chris only offers a 100% money back guarantee if he delivers the project late on the agreed delivery dates.

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