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Turn Leads into Customers

Building your website on Squarespace will provide your business an engaging website that is:

  • Responsive across devices.

  • Low-maintenance and user-friendly.

  • Designed and tailored for your customers.

With Squarespace, you have a low annual hosting fee, built in analytics, email marketing, SEO and the flexibility to easily install new features as your business grows. Click here to see examples of successful sites.

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Trusted by Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses


I can’t recommend Chris’ work highly enough! He went the extra mile to understand my business goals. In addition to being skilled creatively, he is incredibly responsive and client-focused. It was a great collaborate experience!

Chris helped me strategically think about my audience and about how the different sections of my website would build on each other culminated in a strong call to action. Chris is a great listener with a high “get it” fact that comes from his wealth of experience.

Chris was a joy to work with, and did a phenomenal job on our website! He was very responsive and knowledgeable in all areas of Squarespace, which is where our site was built. He’s a great asset that we’ve gone back to numerous times since.


Your Website is a Tool, Not Art.

The most common mistake business owners make is creating a website that is overly complicated, confusing and creative. Your website doesn’t need to be an artistic expression or masterpiece you hang in your living room. Your website needs to walk your leads through a series of steps to become a customer. That’s it.

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Pay For Your Website in 1 to 3 Phases.

Websites range in scope depending on your business – but every website is scheduled in 3 phases:


*Prices do not include Squarespace hosting, domains or email marketing.


Get an Estimate!

Use the calculator to generate an estimate on your website development and design.

  • Sale pages are graphic-heavy pages such as your homepage and landing pages.

  • Info pages are your interior pages that are mostly text based, such as your about and FAQ pages.

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Free Consultation!

Begin your new project by providing your contact info and a brief message about your business.

Chris will follow up with you to set-up a time to talk for 10-minutes to discuss your current project and business goals.

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